• Ephesus Day Tour from Kusadasi and Selcuk

    Kusadasi and Selcuk which are two of the most ideal places for the start Ephesus tour. Since you are near by the Ephesus antique city after a short bus trip you will easly get to most incredible location of Aegean region. All you have to do is click the link above, Tours by CE gonna deal with the rest.

    from Adult: €40,00
    Children: €30,00
  • Ephesus Day Tours From Izmir Airport

    Ephesus is one of the must seen places in Turkey. With Ephesus Day Tour by Tours CE gonna have the chance to discover this wonderful antique city. Enjoy the hospitality and high quality service throughout the day from the moment you set foot in the airport.

    from Adult: €65,00
    Children: €49,00
  • Troy Day Tour From Istanbul

    Did the Trojan Horse realy exist? Was Helen of Troy the real cause of the war? With the Troy Day Tour from Istanbul we will try to find the answers of those questions. But the fact is, that will be a day with full of amazing stories and visual feast.

    from Adult: €69,00
    Children: €49,00
  • Gallipoli Day Tour From Istanbul

    One of the most heart breaking stories how Anzacs came to this land. Thousands of miles away from their home and fighting for someone else his goal. Since than Gallipoli become a second home for Australian (Aussies) and New Zealander (Kiwies). Day tour to Gallipoli from Istanbul going to be one of the sweetest memories of your life.

    from Adult: €59,00
  • Troy Tours From Eceabat

    You do not need Trojan horse to pass through the Troy doors. All you need to do is inform us if you like to join morning or afternoon tour. Not only with it’s history, also with wonderful nature and culture Troy (Canakkale) one of the most interesting sites of Turkey.

    from Adult: €40,00
  • One Day One Night Gallipoli Tour

    This is not a video game, this is war! It is thought that many of our guests. This is an unmissable opportunity to understand fully destructiveness of war an beauty of the peace. If a tour that will change your life, this is it.

  • Cappadocia Day Tour by Overnight Bus

    The bus ride can sometimes be boring. But when you think of what you’re going to see at the end of the trip worth it. When you reach to Cappadocia by the first lights of the morning you’ll feel like in another world. One-day tour was not enough for you? Just let us know. You can continue to other cities of Turkey instead of come back to Istanbul.

    from Adult: €149,00
  • Gallipoli Scuba Diving

    Aegean and Marmara Sea underwater riches worth seeing as much as the sea coast. Gallipoli’s underwater vegetation and war wrecks are rare beauties of sea coast. We provide affordable, safe and quality diving services to our passionate customers if you want to see beautiful sea world.

    from Adult: €80,00
  • Snorkeling Tour in Gallipoli

    Saroz is one of the most important gulf for people who interest with under water activities and beauty of under sea. If you want to see the beauty of sea world and Anzac Cove, this tour is absolutely for you. If you don’t have any experiences with diving with snorkel, we can assist a teacher for you.

    from Adult: €45,00
  • Ephesus & Virgin Mary House Day Tour from Istanbul

    Ephesus & Virgin Mary House Day Tour from Istanbul is available everyday. Taking one day break off of Istanbul and escape to the heart of history. Discovering ruins of Ephesus will take you to the different dimesion. Also House of Virgin Marry, Temple of Artemis and Isabey Mosque interestings spots for both Christian and Islam beliefs. Just pick your day. We will do the rest.

  • Priene – Miletus & Didyma Day Tour from Selcuk – Kusadasi Hotels

    If you already stay in Kusadasi or Selcuk and discovered the towns around you its time to head up to north. Each of this antique cities has different story, architecture and natural wealths. Do not miss the opportunity to make a journey centuries before.

    from Adult: €65,00
  • Princess Island Tour

    Just about 1 hour ferry ride you will reach to Princess Island. The island is incredibly peaceful compared with the city of Istanbul. Motorized vehicles – except service vehicles – are forbidden on the island and this makes your trip much more quite and joyful.

    from Adult: €59,00
    Children: €40,00