Duration: 3 hours
Location: Turkey, Nevsehir, Cappadocia, Goreme
Price: Adult: €175,00   €122,50
Adults: Children: (0-2 age FREE) Travel Date:

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tours

We pick up our passengers from their hotels roughly one hour before sunrise and we bring them to the take-off site. While you are having a light breakfast with tea, coffee and cookies you will also see the inflation of the balloon. Following a safety briefing from your pilot which explains the basic rules about balloon flights, we climb into the baskets and the highlight of your Turkey trip will start.

On our flights, well travel anywhere from 2 to 15 miles depending on the wind speed and directions we encounter flying at various altitudes. During the flight the pilot will vary the balloons altitude from tree top level, a height that allows one to reach out and commune with nature, to heights of several thousand feet, where one may look out in a visual sweep, and see much of Cappadocia. Whatever the altitude, lighter-than-air-flight offers a truly unique flying experience.

During the flight we rise to altitudes of several hundred meters to give you a good view of all that there is around, but what we do mostly is drift through the valleys and canyons and around the fairy chimneys, performing contour flying. This sort of balloon flight is possible only in Cappadocia in the whole world. On landing, we have a traditional celebration party with some champagne, and we give every passenger a commemorative flight certificate written to their names. Then we bring our guests back to their hotels. The whole excursion takes about 3 hours from pick up to drop off. Your return back to hotel will be end of the Cappadocia hot air balloon tours.
Therefore if the passengers wish to go on a sightseeing tour during the day, they are back in time before than your hotel breakfast and to join the Cappadocia day tour.
You can join Cappadoci Guided day tours after the hot air balloon tours. You will return back to your hotel before than hotel breakfast. All the Cappadocia day tours starting after the 9.30 am. You will find the Cappadocia dialy tour options as below.



Cappadocia Day Tours


  • Hotel pick Up & Drop off
  • One Hour balloon ride during sunrise
  • A light breakfast and hot drinks
  • Upon landing champagne toast service
  • Passanger insurance up to 1.000.000 Euro
  • Taxes
  • Tips and personal expenses
The full amount is refundable when the flight does not operate due to the bad weather conditions.

Tours Reviews

    Last week was my girlfriend 's birthday. And i want to suprise her with somethings realy special. I booked this balloon tour for us and ofcourse did no9t tell her anything about it. They picked us us very early in the morning and ofcourse she didnt know whats goin on. When we get to baloon departing point she was shocked. It was perfect gift. 1 hour past by like 1 minute. Thank you guys. 5 stars from us.
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  • "“Best attraction ever!”"
    This was my second balloon ride. But this is my favorite one, thanks for this super organizations. Our pilot was such a nice person and a great communicator. He gave all the necessary information information before the flight and during the flight. It was very nice to fly with this balloon over Cappadocia valley. Celebration of our landing was also spectacular. This trip should be in your Turkey travel list. When you contact with these guys than they will inform you all. Do not worry, just send an e-mail.
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  • خالد العابد

    1 Review
    "اجمل رحلة "
    سلام حبب احكي على اجمل رحلة قمت بيها وهيا كبدوكيا والمنطاد خاصا كبدوكيا هي مدينا صخريا والفنادق فيها داخل داخل الكهوف وهذا اول تجربة ليا من هنموذج وكانت فعلا تجربا خاصا من نوعها وبعدين توجهنا صبح باكر الى المنطات وهي تجربا اول كمان في حياتي كانت مخيفا شوي لكنها جميله وومتعا خاصا يوم بدينا نطير ونصعد حتى ارتفاع 10 الف قدم واكثر ولمناظر الخلالبة وطبيعة الساحره وقمم الجبال فعلا كانت رحله موفقا وحبيت اشكر المكتب يلي قام بتنظيمها ترفل بازار وننصح جميع فيه
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  • "Best Activity in Cappadocia"
    One of the best activity in cappadocia. You do this tour very early in the morning for sunrise just before than breakfast. We have been one night and one day in cappadocia. Very good organization. organization. Thank you.
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  • "You must do balloon tour"
    This travel company was very helpful and affordable! We took a 3 nights and 4 days tour package to Cappadocia, pumakkale and Ephesus. It was amazing trip, every connection and pick up was spot on. on. Programme covers many high lights but the hot air balloon ride was most amazing. Ephesus is incredible. Our trip included air fare. Erkan was our travel agent and I would use him again on my next Turkey trip.
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  • Jeffery Kaye

    1 Review
    "balloon flight is wonderful experience"
    what a wonderful experience of watching sunrise over Cappadocia. It was very early and little cold but it is amazing. Wondering if you have balloon flight afternoon as well. Thank you guys you helped helped me alot. If you are going to Cappadocia than this balloon tour is one of the best thing to do. Thenk you very much Mr. Tuna all your patience and help to my famly.
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