• Istanbul Explore St Sophia & Bosphorus Cruise Tour

    Only one day in Istanbul and dont know what to do? Here is a great option for you. On this tour you will discover Istanbul’s history, social and cultural life of Ottomans, and ofcourse today’s modern silk road. Bazaars, palaces, churches and mosques waiting for you. After all with Bosphorus cruise you will sweeten your day.

    from Adult: €64,00
    Children: €40,00
  • Old City Tour From Istanbul Cruise Port

    Old City, Where the city was first founded and the magnificent ruins of the Byzantine and Ottoman still stands like memories of the past. In each square you will face another part of history. Delicious fodds, colorful markets and ofcourse warm Turkish hospitality will welcome you on every step you take.

  • Istanbul Private Guide & Driver Tour from Cruise Port

    If you are one of the who doesnt like to act with group or prefer to make your own independent plan, we assure you this is your tour. We will recommend you different options like where to go what to do but ofcourse at the end of the day this will be your private tour. Welcome to Istanbul, and with Tours by CE you will enjoy your stay.

  • Best of Istanbul from Istanbul Cruise Port

    Welcome to Istanbul where the continents meet. For enjoy better the atmosphere of the city we created a great tour programme to you. From the moment you reach the port we will take you to the most important locations of Istanbul. Cultural, historical and naturel wealths of the city awaits.

  • Istanbul Ottoman Relics Tour

    Cities live with their history. And cities can not keep their history loses its originality. We are lucky that we live in the arms of Istanbul. And we are ready to share her beauties with you. We are proud to introduce Ottoman Relics tour. For 4 hours we will take you to the heart of Ottomen Empire. You’re not gonna regret.

    from Adult: €35,00   €31,50
    Children: €25,00   €22,50
  • Half Day Istanbul Bosphorus Boat Tour

    Specially if you prefer wake up early and discover the city by morning time this is the best option for you. Before the city wakes up having Bosphorus Cruise in between two continents gonna makes you feel so good. impressive atmosphere of the Spice Bazaar and different colors of the small shops from each other will add a distinctive beauty to your day.

    from Adult: €35,00   €29,05
    Children: €25,00   €20,75
  • Byzantine Relics Tour

    Istanbul, which has hosted many different cultures and has managed to maintain all this wealth until today. Obelisks, churches, sculptures and many more. Byzantine Relics are one of the most prominent of these pieces. Just in a half day you will have chance to discover all this art masterpieces.

    from Adult: €40,00
    Children: €30,00
  • Full Day Byzantine And Ottoman Relics Tour

    Want to spend a day full of history and art in the location at the heart of the city? Where the past is intertwined into the future the world’s known mosques and churches, centuries-old inscriptions, sculptures and waiting for you a day filled with mind-boggling stories. Byzantine and Ottoman Relics tour a great opportunity to get to know the city.

    from Adult: €70,00   €63,00
    Children: €49,00   €44,10
  • Dolmabahce Palace & Yildiz Royal Garden Tour

    How about just a half day of you to devote two of Istanbul’s most valuable palaces? Take a walk in the gardens that Ottoman sultans staying alone with their own or standing on Europe grounds and take a look at the continent of Europe not a fiction for you. Choose a day on your calendar, we’ll take care of the rest.

    from Adult: €40,00
    Children: €30,00
  • Istanbul Two Continents Tour With Beylerbeyi Palace And Bosphorus Cruise

    This is one of our most impressive tours. Begins from heart of the city by visiting Byzatine City Walls, Golden Horn and Spice Bazaar which was center of trade for a long time during the Ottomans. Tour also continues up to Camlice Hill driving by Bosphorus Bridge and visiting magnificent Beylerbeyi Palace. Tour ends with cruise on the blue waters of Bosphorus. We guarantee you this will be an epic day for you.

    from Adult: €70,00   €56,00
    Children: €50,00   €40,00
  • Traditional Turkish Night Dinner And Show At The Restaurant

    Turkish Traditional Night dinner & show At The Restaurant will be the memorable night in Istanbul. You will have dinner at a first class restaurant and watching spectacular folkloric dance types from different part of Turkey, Belly dance performance, Traditional Comedy show ( Asuk – Masuk ), Gypsy dances, some Entertainment shows and of course Live music and DJ performance.

    from Adult: €70,00   €59,50
    Children: €50,00   €42,50