• Gallipoli Battlefields Tour from Canakkale Cruise Port

    The value of friendship and peace will be more understandable when you witness the destruction of war. And perhaps the most brutality of the war took place in this territory, Gallipoli. Remaining from past to present and ofcourse the lessons we learn. Enjoy this spiritual atmosphere and peace.

  • Troy Tour from Canakkale Kepez Port

    Helen of Troy. Her beauty has been the subject of movies. And most important part of the movies Trojan Horse waiting for you in all its glory. After we pick you up from the Port Kepez we have prepared everything you need for a great day. Helen, Hector, Achilles and all others just about to become alive.

  • Gallipoli & Troy Tour from Canakkale Kepez Port

    When you arrive to Port Canakkale, you probably dont know what a amazing place you’re about to step on. With wonderful ruins and mind blowing legendary history Troy is completely different than any places you ever seen before. Dont worry if you dont know what to do, we will take care of it.

  • Troy & Assos Tour from Canakkale Kepez Cruise Port

    Troy and Assos tour not only with its history but also famous with natural beauty too. After a long journey from Hollywood to Troy, world known Trojan horse waiting for your visit. Specialy in summer time Assos is much preferred by local tourists also couse its crystal clear waters and untouched beaches.