• Dawn at ANZAC Cove in Gallipoli and Troy Tours

    Where the first world war happened, tear, blood and sorrow. This is Anzac cove. Also you have opportunity to visit ancient Troy ruins easily. And according to your plan entirely. Helene, Hector, Achilleus and all other ancient characters and their legends waiting to be discovered.

  • 19 Days Highlights Of Turkey And Black Sea Itinerary

    Close your eyes, open the Turkey map in front of you, and put you finger anywhere on it. We will take you there. Tours by CE proudly presents 19 Days Highlights of Turkey. From the moment you start until the last moment of your trip every single minute going to be an unforgettable pleasure.

  • 10 Days Spirit of Turkey Itinerary

    10 wonderful days on every corner of Anatolia. From North to west, from South to center of the land we will enjoy step by step every inch of the country. In this ten days you will feel all four seasons. Delicious foods, untouched nature, unique history and turkish hospitality. You ask, Tours by CE do.

  • Turkey Itinerary 15 Days

    The unique points of Anatolia and the Mediterranean in this 15-day period will be waiting for your visit. The most enjoyable moments of fun and adventure such as scuba diving, balloon ride or even paragliding will be your options to make your trip even more attractive.

  • Istanbul to Athens 26 Days Itinerary

    An unforgettable journey which begins eastern side of Aegean and ends at the west side of it. We dont want that you miss anything during this trip. Most important and known spots of Anatolia, amazing historical and natural wealths and also a trip that connect you to the otherside of the water to Athens. Join us and and be the eyewitness of this magnificient cultures for 26 days.

  • 9 Days Turkey Itinerary from Istanbul

    It’s time to discover the Anatolia once again. From the inconceivable Cappadocia region to the Alexander the Great’s Sagalassos, amazing Artemis temple to Hierapolis its wonderful nature we are going on a journey in history. You will not understand how the time passed. You don’t need a time machine, you got Tours by CE.

    from Adult: €1.244,00
  • Ankara & Black Sea Discovery

    From the capital of Turkey in to the capital of green. Black Sea region is such as the lungs of our country. Inconceivable vegetation, the diversity of species found difficult to duplicate, and of course the magnificent cultural heritage. Black Sea is certainly one of the features that you need to see.

  • Bodrum to Istanbul an Aegean Dream

    Just like a day dream. With just an eye blink we will take you thousands of years ago. And with just an eye blink you will find yourself in a horrofying war history. Everything is possible with Tours by CE. Fasten your seatbelts. We are ready to go!

  • 10 Days Anatolia Package Tour

    10 Days Anatolia Package Tour is giving you chance to visit 10 most important ancient site and the historical area (Gallipoli, Troy, Ephesus, Priene, Miletus, Didyma, Hierapolis, Perge, Aspendos & Cappadocia) in 4 different region of Turkey. After you visit this natural wonders, Turkey will turn to your favorite country forever.

  • 4 Days – Ephesus, Pamukkale And Cappadocia Tours

    What can you fit in 4 days? Pretty much with Tours by CE. Our great organization that will allow you to visit places in less time, as much you can. Also during your visit you will learn about history through our intellectual tour guides. You are just a message away from your dream holiday, don’t miss that.

  • Gallipoli Ephesus And Pamukkale Tours From Istanbul

    What would you say after spend a few days in Istanbul to a different adventure? Revise your knowledge of history, to witness its wonders of nature, visit a city can not decide is it real or just an imagination. Our Gallipoli, Ephesus and Pamukkale tour gonna give you different experiences.

  • 4 Days Gallipoli Cape Helles Ephesus & Pamukkale Tour

    Before coming to natural beauties of Pamukkale and historical Ephesus City, on the way we will pass Troy and Cape Helles. Troy’s legendary story and Cape Helles tragedy that took place during the first world war, make this tour even more special. Prepare yourself to a journey with full of history, nature and suprises.